What people say about us

We’re very happy to provide references and, where appropriate, provide the source of these quotes.

“What a brilliant, if exhausting 2 days. One of the best things I have been involved with in my career. It has changed me, I think for the better forever. It will also help my team and people I work with on a regular basis. Have used some of the learning already”
Participant on FLAME – NHS Yorkshire & The Humber, March 2013

“Once again I would like to thank you for an absolutely amazing session. It was pitched at the level we needed and has engaged so many who would not normally have been able to be reached.  Thanks so much again for what you have done for us. Stellar!” 
Participant on Clinical Business Unit Away-Day, 2012

“The drama was not only informative and thought provoking, but very entertaining and I have rarely seen the audience so engaged.” 
Leadership Development Manager after Forum Theatre session, 2012

“Expert facilitators & coaches. Allowed us to work on a real issue. Real change in the group dynamics. Allowed the group to face up to what was stopping us working well & go away with tools that will enable us to do more of this in the future.” 

Participant on CCG Development Centre, 2012

      • “Both sessions were excellent and thought provoking in terms of how actions and words  can be perceived by others
      • Really interesting and engaging sessions, fantastic facilitator and actors
      • Liked the involvement of the whole room of how they would do things differently
      • Very useful to see how coaching could improve a review”

Participants on Forum Theatre-based session for ‘The Emotionally Intelligent Leader’, 2012

What I found most useful was… “The depth, honesty, authenticity of the day: you were really intending we all go away with more insight & influencing power” 
Participant on Presenting with Impact programme, 2012

“Just wanted to say a big thanks for yesterday’s session – initial feedback has been extremely positive with a real commitment to take it forward to the next step”
Client for CCG Board away-day 2012

“Your excellent listening and questioning skills enabled me to get to the root of my issue quickly and effectively. I found the use of the camera particularly powerful as this gave me an opportunity to see myself as others see me and to put into practice some of the learning strategies that came out of the exploratory part of the session. The Impact was that I came away with a clearer understanding of what changes I needed to make and a real understanding of how I could do this having had the opportunity to practice in the session.”
Coaching client 2012

“The course was excellent throughout. Never felt taxing considering the context & expectations. Everyone was treated with dignity & respect & honesty. Facilitation fabulous.” 
Participant on Personal Impact programme, 2011

“A skilled facilitator, kept us to task, but meaningful contribution and every bit of content was good. Very responsive to what we wanted of her as a facilitator and quietly authoritative in steering us.”
Participant on Top Leaders programme, 2011

“For someone who usually dreads this sort of thing and feels it is a waste of time, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it; how much I got out of it and how much I have grown as a result. A fun, practical, interactive, memorable experience as opposed to the usual boring stuffiness will ensure sustained learning” 
Participant on ‘Leadership in Practice’ programme, 2010

“Apart from the structure & approach which have been useful in directing & challenging thoughts, I have acquired a number of really very simple techniques that will allow me to deal effectively with potentially difficult situations.” 
Participant on Vital Conversations skills workshop, 2010

“This has been one of the best training/development experiences I have had. Many thanks, it really was so much more than I had expected.”
Participant on Aspiring Directors Development Centre, 2008

“What I really appreciated and helped me was your very warm and genuine presence – this made it easy for me to be “real” myself and to be open about some of my anxieties/fears; your exceptional listening skills – I thought you really paid attention to the language we used and worked with how it was for us, avoiding your own interpretations. This helped me to take my own concerns and my own strengths seriously and to feel confident in my ability; your appropriate sharing of your own experience – it really helped when you shared some of your own experiences (good and bad) and I thought this was balanced well with your listening and attending to us; the fact that you found us an appropriate venue and attended to the detail of us getting there – this just made it easier to feel welcome and get started; a really good balance of practical help and bigger picture thinking”
Coaching client for presentation skills, 2007

“I have rarely seen participant evaluations as positive as those received for Practive. The national evaluation of the overall development programme, undertaken by Office for Public Management bears this out. The impact for individuals has been significant. For many middle managers this has been the first time that they have had individual attention and feedback on the softer skills such as presentation, influencing, handling conflict, emotional intelligence. The Practive approach enabled both diagnosis of development needs and some one to one work with participants to start the development journey in terms of the specific priorities identified for each individual. The nature of the programme and its delivery meant that this was a very challenging experience for the participants but difficult messages were handled extremely sensitively so that, without exception, participants left with a positive view, both of their experience but also, their development challenge. One of the key features of the Practive team is the professionalism, both of the facilitators but also of the actor role/players. I would not hesitate to recommend Practive to you.”
Development Centre client 2006

“The whole event was fantastic, far surpassed my expectations. The roleplayers were amazing. The actors were excellent at responding and rising to the challenge of adopting different personas. The ‘Practive’ professionals were intuitive, insightful and supportive.”
Development Centre participant 2006

I feel I’ve learned more about myself and where I go from here in the last two days than in the previous few years.
Development Centre participant 2006.